Email Marketing & Insights Workshop

About This Class

Email is dead? Nonsense! Email marketing is a staple in digital marketing. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, companies of all sizes use email to engage, advertise, communicate, inform and sell! Rising tech corporations like Salesforce and similar CRMs have also made email part of their emerging suite of products, such as email building tools, automation, personalization, customer journeys, data-driven email experiences and analytics.

When we purchase something online we expect a receipt (transactional email); when we are interested in learning more about a brand, we subscribe to a newsletter; when we browse products online and feel undecided as to what to purchase, we receive abandoned cart emails that help us make a decision.

Because of the popularity and the changing complexion of email marketing, email marketing skills are in demand: developers are needed to code and deploy emails, content writers to craft engaging copy, graphic designers to create visually engaging experiences, data analysts to track the performance and email strategists to develop campaigns.


  • Learn the basics of email marketing and how crucial it is in today’s business world
  • Explore the skills companies seek when hiring for email marketing
  • Learn how to code a basic email using HTML, CSS and a text editor
  • Discover and understand email analytics and the metrics necessary for performance tracking


This is a beginner workshop which is designed to be helpful to participants who have no prior knowledge about email marketing, or who have some experience working in or with email marketing teams. This workshop will help you understand the needs and skills of email developers and marketers. Any prior HTML or CSS knowledge is helpful, but not required. We only ask that participants have a basic familiarity with website browsers and navigating the internet. This is also a great opportunity to come prepared with questions you may have about email marketing.

Participants are required to bring their own laptop, and to pre-install a text editor such as Sublime Text for Mac, or Notepad++ for Windows (free to download and install). We will use this text editor in class to code a simple email using HTML and CSS.